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  • Renée Coventry

Ace of Spades is Trumped

I received this word on May 6th, 2020, and after verifying it with trusted prophetic voices am now publishing it.

They tried to make their play, but I have called their bluff. They attempted to keep Me out of the game, and in their delusion, misread their hand. They thought they held the ace of spades, never realizing I already had them trumped. Now I will expose the fraud they have perpetrated against My people. Now I will put the truth before the people and allow them to choose between the truth and a lie, life or death. For I saw what was done in the dark, and now, because of their unrepentant hearts, I will expose them to the light. Watch and see if by the end of the summer they are not squirming like a gambler that’s been too sure of himself, realizing he’s lost the game. For I am God, and there is no other! I am God, and I judge the intentions of every heart. I am God, and no one and nothing shall usurp the place of My kingdom. For Mine is a Kingdom of Overcomers, Mine is a Kingdom advancing! An army is rising up who have girded themselves with truth, their minds redeemed and righteous before Me. They preach My Gospel of Peace, and war, wielding My Word as a sword, their faith is their defense. These are those who know their God. Yes, these are those for whom mighty exploits are reserved!

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