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  • Renée Coventry

An Alpha Generation

Your testimony is important. There is a generation behind you that needs to know of My miraculous work in your life and My desire to bring about transformation. This generation does not require a superhero, it needs an Almighty God, a Gracious Father, a Redeeming Savior. Teach them of Me, so that they will be confident in Me and My desire to arise mightily through them to minister to their world. For there is yet a generation, though called “Z,” that will not be the end, but the beginning of a new thing that I will do in the earth. They will be mighty warriors for Me, and they will be so because I have called forth spiritual fathers and mothers to lead and train them in the way that they should go. I have placed within this generation the same attitude and courage of Joshua, and I am changing their name to reflect their destiny. They will not be an omega generation, but an alpha generation, taking the lead, while I will be their rear guard. Surround them now, so that as they move forward it will be with seasoned warriors on their side mentoring them, prepared to do battle with them. When they step forth, it will be done with maturity and great success!

Ps. 78:5-8, “He raised up a testimony in Ya’akov [Jacob] and established a Torah [law] in Isra’el. He commanded our ancestors to make this known to their children, so that the next generation would know it, the children not yet born, who would themselves arise and tell their own children, who could then put their confidence in God, not forgetting God’s deeds, but obeying His mitzvot [commands]. Then they would not be like their ancestors, a stubborn and rebellious generation, a generation with unprepared hearts, with spirits unfaithful to God.” CJB

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