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  • Renée Coventry

Elizabeth Hoped, Day 4

Reading, Luke 1:23-25

When done with the duties assigned, Zacharias had nothing to do but go home. But thankfully, God did not fail to deliver on His promise even amid Zacharias' doubt. That's why God closed his mouth. God was so excited to see Zacharias and Elizabeth have their child that He would not allow doubt and fear to have the final say. Zacharias would remain silent but not inactive. Zacharias received the correction of the Lord, and Elizabeth conceived.

Elizabeth’s response was that of trusting hope. For five months she kept herself secluded, perhaps making sure the promise was not miscarried. During that time, she reiterated that now was the time of God's favor, when He would reverse the disgrace of barrenness. Elizabeth stood, hopeful that God would accomplish all He said He would. She took God at His Word and trusted that God would perform a miracle despite all odds. And He did.

Do you do that? Do you hold fast to the promises of God and refuse to waver even when, in the natural realm, the odds are stacked against you? In a world full of naysayers who like to remind us of the mathematical probabilities, understand that God's Word on any issue trumps them all. The God of the Universe can do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think. Elizabeth was hopeful when God came down, and He did not disappoint.

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