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  • Renée Coventry

Folding Socks with God

This morning I folded socks with God. Yes, you heard me right. This morning while I was matching the socks of five men (mine are much more noticeable😊), I spent some refreshing time with the Lord. The older I become, the more I realize that it's not always about riveting revelations, powerful prayer, and intense intimacy, as crucial as those are in my walk with Christ. I would guess 90% of the time is just those moments spent with the Lord doing the most mundane, fundamental daily tasks. It is consciously recognizing His presence in the day-to-day, whether I'm doing laundry, canning garden produce, or teaching my boys when He shares a smile and sometimes my tears. I am incredibly thankful for a God whose shoulders are too broad to fit into any self-constructed box, who can solve every conundrum I find myself in, yet chooses to participate in my seemingly unspectacular days as I invite Him to join me. In this everyday walking with Him, I can enter His rest and receive contentment in my circumstances only His Spirit provides while basking in the glow of His radiant smile. So today, I pray that your days be filled with the blessed joy of spending time with Jesus, regardless of what you're doing, and enjoying His smile upon your life!

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