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  • Renée Coventry

I Have Granted Power

I have granted you power to trample down the works of the enemy. I have seated you in heavenly places with Me. Oh, that My people would pray and exercise that which is rightfully theirs in Me! Wield My Word, allowing it to do what it has done throughout eternity – creating and miraculously moving according to My will and My desires. Come into agreement with My Word and watch as impossibilities dissolve before your very eyes and situations and circumstances are brought into alignment with My love and desires for you. Do not despair, My people! You serve a God who rides upon the clouds and comes speedily to redeem you from every plot of the enemy. Let My love be a mantle, surrounding and embracing you as you move forward in Me, taking up the positions I have ordained for you from the beginning.

Eph. 2:6-7, “God raised us up with the Messiah Yeshua and seated us with Him in heaven, in order to exhibit in the ages to come how infinitely rich is His grace, how great is His kindness toward us who are united with the Messiah Yeshua.” CJB

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