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  • Renée Coventry

Joseph Obeyed, Day 8

Reading, Matthew 1:18-25

It wasn't just Mary that God involved in His plans. God's Son would need an earthly father who would train Him and rear Him in the ways of God. Imagine the magnitude of that assignment. It was asking a lot of this man to humble himself and not put Mary away when he discovered she was pregnant. Imagine the people whispering behind his back and smearing his reputation as a righteous man.

The pressure Joseph experienced must have been incredible because the Lord spoke to him in a dream. Instead of hiding Mary in a closet in shame to protect her from disgrace, Joseph took it upon himself and publicly stepped into it. Consider that much like Jesus took our shame upon Himself at the cross. In addition, Joseph would deny himself and not consummate his marriage until Jesus was born.

Jesus had an excellent example in Joseph. When God came down, Joseph chose to sacrifice his reputation to obey the leading of the Lord. Have you ever been in a position where the Lord asked of you something that would not go over well in society? Were you more concerned for your reputation or the Lord's plan? Yet, Joseph, like Mary, was willing and obedient when all was said and done. His attitude of humility and sacrifice characterized his life, enabling Joseph to rise to the occasion when God visited him.

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