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  • Renée Coventry

Leviathan Unraveled

Leviathan will be defeated, and the truth will prevail. The twisting of words and outright lies will be straightened out and cause those caught up in them to turn on each other, destroying themselves. There will be pointing of fingers to cast blame, but the truth will prevail, taking many who thought it hidden and buried by surprise. I am a God of light, and there is no darkness in Me. The stench of deception and betrayal has arisen before My throne. The exposure that is coming will be such that people will be able to see the dividing line and will have to choose to continue in their stubbornness and purposely walk deceived or decide to finally embrace truth. I have said, “Enough!” Opportunity after opportunity has been given for truth to be revealed, but if man wills it not so, I will see to it! I will make clear the way before My people, who have prayed, who have sought My face, and bring forth clarity where there has been confusion, peace where there has been chaos, and strength to stand firm where there has been weakness. I AM GOD, and there IS NONE BESIDE ME!

Is. 27:1-5, “On that day ADONAI, with His great, strong, relentless sword, will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, the twisting serpent Leviathan; He will slay the sea monster. On that day, a pleasant vineyard – sing about it! ‘I, ADONAI, guard it. Moment by moment I water it. So that no harm will come to it, I guard it night and day. I have no anger in Me. If it gives Me briars and thorns, then, as in war, I will trample it down and burn it up at once; unless it takes hold of My strength, in order to make peace with Me, yes to make peace with Me.” CJB

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