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  • Renée Coventry

Life Lessons, Pt. 11: Nourishment for the Soul

There are so many things to learn from a garden, but what is its purpose? First, of course, we know that a garden nourishes the body, but it can also nourish the soul. My friends, Larry and Charlotte, were recently up in Maine visiting their children and grandkids. Larry shared his experience of waking early in the morning and sitting on the porch, enjoying Tonya and Steve's beautiful garden.

He stated, "These beautiful plants with bird and hummingbird feeders do a steady business. Goldfinches, chickadees, titmouse, mourning doves, and others stop by for breakfast, while the chipmunks, bees, butterflies, and all types of insects resemble a busy city!" He shared the priority of allowing the Holy Spirit to give us rest, refreshing and replenishing our spirits. For them, this included family activities accompanied by hilarious discussions.

A Picture from Maine

What a beautiful picture of our gardens' purpose! It brings nourishment to our spirits. Yes, a garden is hard work. Nobody will deny that. However, in the end, God cares about our souls. He desires us to take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures splendidly clothed in an array of colors that He brings our way. I know for myself when I was out watering, I noticed a tiny ladybug on one of my leaves. I took such joy in the bright red with black polka dots against the backdrop of my green leaf. I found myself thanking God for that little bug that brightened my day!

And that is what God wants: our time and attention, not only when it comes to our needs, but in noticing the magnificent gifts He has already provided us. God could have made a world without color, but He didn't. Why? Because life is better in a variety of hues and shades. From bodacious and bold brights to elegant and refined pastels, life is full of the splendor of our God, not only in the natural world but in our relationships, as well.

Be encouraged today! Use the wisdom God has so graciously bestowed to ensure that you are taking time to reflect not only on God's work but His gifts. Your garden is bursting forth in glorious color, from the golden marigolds to the purple pansies. Your garden is full of delightful relationships, forming beautiful bouquets that enrich your life. We've heard the phrase "Stop and smell the roses." I desire that you rest in your relationship with God and make the time for the lovely spirits with which He has surrounded you! I am planning on spending the rest of my summer doing so.

May God bless you all, and I look forward to writing something new after taking a couple of months of rest, enjoying the garden God has given me to tend! To all of you who have participated, thank you! You are fragrant flowers in my bouquet!

Hebrews 4:9-10, "There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His."

Let's Pray:

Father, forgive me for being so consumed with work that I haven't taken notice of the beauty You have surrounded me with in the world You created and the relationships You've provided. Holy Spirit, help me to rest, allowing You to refresh and replenish my spirit. I want to enter into Your glorious rest. In Jesus' Name, amen.

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