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  • Renée Coventry

People's Response When God Came Down, Day 1

Often during the Christmas season, we are inundated with commercial messaging, parties, and community celebrating the holiday, even if we don't always treat it as a holy day. As a result, our attention is diverted from the incarnation of God, Jesus Christ, to lesser pursuits, even while trying to hold on to a semblance of the generosity He taught us to provide one another. But is this so shocking? Is it everyone or just some?

For those who know me, I do a Christmas devotional every year, and the Lord placed on my heart to examine what people were doing when God came down; how they reacted to God intersecting their lives. The purpose of these short devotionals is to get you thinking, primarily about whose example you follow. You will find that our preoccupations are still very much the same. Taken from the Gospel of Luke and Matthew, study with me as we examine more closely what actions were surrounding the incarnation and ponder our response as we await the Lord Jesus' second coming.

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