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  • Renée Coventry

Reflections at Christmas 7

John 1:9, “That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world.”

True in every sense of the word. Never false. Christ’s nature in every point corresponding to His claims. There is nothing defective in His character or person. He is perfectly true; indeed, the Truth. And, in truth, He illuminates all around us, showing us that He is the Way.

He has shown the way to every man, imprinting His image, His law, His life throughout creation, and He has written eternity in our hearts. We are without excuse. He has made Himself known and cannot be faithless to Himself.

And it is into Himself - the Way, the Truth, and the Light - that He has invited us all. He is no respecter of persons. We are not obligated to accept; however, He has promised that one day we will be confronted with the Truth. Not yours, not mine, but the Truth, pure and unadulterated, in which no darkness can exist. And it is this Truth that shines as an eternal beacon of hope, whispering, “Come home,” to all, beckoning us to follow Him through the shadows of death and into to the reality of His holy light.

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