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  • Renée Coventry

Repent and Return!

Once more, I am urgently calling out My people to repent. I tire of the gods you have set up before Me. They must come down! You attempt to use My grace against Me, justifying your sin. You try to cover it with good deeds and rituals that mean nothing to Me coming from an impure heart. My blood alone justifies! Don’t you know you are to be the temple of the Holy Ghost; holy as I am holy? Still, you continue in your ways, daily choosing what is profane over what is holy, not only in your own homes but in Mine, some joined by those whom I called to lead My sheep! Repent and return! I am the long-suffering God who forgives, looking to fill the righteous with good things and revealing Myself to the pure in heart. My heart is for you! However, I will not force your hand. I am the God who holds time in His hands, and time is short. Today is the day of salvation. Either you bow repentant before Me, embracing life or stand proudly against Me, choosing death.

2 Kings 23:6-7, regarding Josiah’s actions against false gods in God’s house, “He took the asherah from the house of ADONAI to Vadi Kidron outside Jerusalem and burned it in Vadi Kidron, stamped the ashes to powder and threw the powder onto the burial-ground for the common people. He smashed the houses of the cult prostitutes that were in the house of ADONAI, where the women also wove garments for the asherah.” CJB

2 Cor. 5:20-6:2, “Therefore we are ambassadors of the Messiah; in effect, God is making His appeal through us. What we do is appeal on behalf of the Messiah, ‘Be reconciled to God! God made this sinless man to be a sin offering on our behalf, so that in union with Him we might fully share in God’s righteousness.’ As God’s fellow-workers we also urge you not to receive His grace and then do nothing with it. For He says, ‘At the acceptable time I heard you; In the day of salvation I helped you.’” CJB

Job 12:10, “In His hand is the life of every living thing and the spirit of every human being.” CJB

King Josiah hearing the Word of the Lord

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