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  • Renée Coventry

Stepping into Your Prophetic Destiny, Pt. 9

In Genesis 28:13-14, God has made Jacob a promise comprised of four unique parts:

1. Possession of Land

2. Possession of Seed

3. Possession of Posterity

4. Relationship with God

Yet here we find Jacob in exile from the land and without a wife, no posterity. It's almost as funny as God telling Abraham that he and Sarah will have a child in their old age. We serve a God who loves to make possible the impossibilities of man! And so, with this promise in mind, Jacob continues his journey to Haran.

From the time God gives Jacob the promise, he is not slowly meandering through the desert; he is purposefully watching where he is going. For what are you looking? Are you facing each day with resolve, searching out what the Lord has for you, or do your days flow one into another without advancing the Kingdom of God?

We find in Genesis chapter 29 that Jacob looks and sees a well. Jacob comes upon a well that's been covered up. Jacob sees the need and uncovers it. Like Jacob, there are often seasons in our life where the water of the Word needs to be released. For some reason, it has been stopped up, and yet without the Word, the promise cannot be saturated to bring forth fruit. But there is something else that has prompted this uncovering. Rachel.

It is Rachel's presence that prompts Jacob to open up the well. When Jacob sees Rachel, he sees the fulfillment of part three of the promise – posterity. He sees a partner in the promise of God. When we catch a glimpse of what God has in store, it motivates us to do the seemingly impossible. Jacob moved a stone in her presence that generally took several grown men to do so that he could be a source of blessing to Rachel, Laban's daughter.

It's interesting to note that Isaac sent Jacob to Laban, whereas Abraham was vehement that Isaac was not to return to his family. Given that this sojourn will last approximately twenty years, Abraham was the wise one. It is not advisable to send the seed back to the place you have been called out from, but here we are in Haran, and now we have a Laban with which to deal.

When Jacob tells Laban all that has happened, Laban replies, "Yes, you are my own flesh and blood" (Gen. 29:14). They're not just biologically related; Laban recognizes in Jacob the very root of deception that dwells within himself. We see this immediately manifested in the fact that Laban, who although promises one thing, substitutes another – Leah. Just as Jacob disguised himself to gain Esau's blessing, so Laban has disguised Leah for his selfish gain. Be careful in your journey. Laban will always be drawn to that part of your flesh that will mirror his own and then use it to his advantage. There is no circumnavigating it when your sin confronts you in the form of another. Sooner or later, and for Jacob, much later, you will need to face it head-on.

There's a lot of talk about spiritual mothers and fathers, and I have personally reaped the benefits of these God-given relationships. However, you must be vigilant; otherwise, in pursuit of your destiny, you may place yourself into the hands of those who would seek to capitalize on your anointing and hold your destiny captive for the benefit of their own—those who, like Laban, will keep you enslaved for their own purposes. Be careful with whom you choose to align yourself. God won't leave you, regardless. However, walk forward knowing that Laban is not your destiny. Look for a Mordecai who will train you, pray for you, and release you into the destiny God has for you.

No matter what, every promise of God is worth every effort and hardship. During this time of arduous work in a foreign land with two competitive wives, God will prove Himself and bless Jacob.

Let's Pray:

Father, thank You for Your precious promise. Thank You that You have a place for me, that You've given me something to sow for the Kingdom, and that my posterity will be blessed. Thank You most of all for the relationship I am developing with You. You are my heart's desire. When I walk through dry places, help me release the water of Your Word over my situation. Bring me into relationships with people who want Your best for my life. Thank You for the times You've given me glimpses into where You are taking me. Lord, everything You have for me is worth the effort. May I always be a blessing to those I come in contact with so that You may be glorified. Amen.

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