• Renée Coventry

The Birth of a Word

Birth pangs always precede birth. It may begin with slight discomfort that compels movement, but it gradually increases in painful intensity as time approaches. The baby must come, and now it is at its most critical stage. Women, historically, know how painful and dangerous it can be for both mother and child. Assuming all is well, the baby is positioned upside down, and physiological changes are occurring with the woman to prepare her body for the task at hand.

Such is true regarding the Body of Christ. As His bride, we are impregnated with His expectations, purposes, and desires. If we remain healthy, as time approaches, we recognize that we are not as comfortable with where we were previously. Something is changing, requiring movement. There is no backing out of this now. We're committed to this birth, and everything is going to change. Our responsibility increases to do our part as we seek to birth what Christ has embedded within us.

Women who've born children understand that when their water breaks, the baby is coming. For those who hold fast to the word God has given them, whether personally or regarding His imminent return, they, too, know that before birth, there must be a breakthrough. Funny thing, though. Most people don't realize that for a breakthrough to occur, there must, of necessity, be a breakdown of something that hinders. It can get messy but suffice it to say that when it happens, one knows it. For many, it signals, "It's time!" Time to gather the midwives, notify family, and position yourself for this one overarching task. No one's thinking about dinner, work, or other relationships. It's mom, dad, midwife, and baby.

We, too, when birthing the plan of God, call on the intercessors and those selected to coach us through the arrival of God's purpose in our lives. It's not to be taken lightly or done alone. Even Mary had Joseph. It is a proud person who imagines God's plans were intended to be accomplished in isolation, and it can come at any time. One can predict sometime around forty weeks, but the exact date is unknown. The question is when the breakthrough comes, are we packed and ready? There is no time for review; time is of the essence, the clock is counting down.

And Christ's second coming? The church has waited millennium, while others have given up assuming the prophetic word dead. Finally, the pains have arrived, becoming incredibly uncomfortable for His Bride. There's a birth about to take place, and the church is pacing. Our focus has shifted, and we're canceling all previous plans. Something big is about to happen. For the expectant church, it is wondrous and exciting. For those caught unprepared, it is frightening in its intensity. Are we prepared for the changes about to take place? Because ready or not, something is being birthed in us, and it is beautiful!

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