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  • Renée Coventry

The Gestation Period

Many prophetic words are now, but not yet. They are promises spoken from the heart of God whose fulfillment has begun in supernatural secrecy, unmanifested in the natural world. Waiting and hoping for what is spoken, not seen, becomes the norm for the people of God. It is, as we discovered yesterday, a protected word to be revealed at a later time.

When a word is first given, we hold it close to our hearts. Nothing has changed (or so we think). So we go on about our days, even praying that we've heard correctly and not misunderstood the voice of the Lord. Until one day, someone or something confirms the promise, and we smile to ourselves and breathe a prayer of thanks heavenward for His favor. This is what happened when Mary visited her cousin, Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s child leapt within her womb, recognizing the promise hidden within her! (Luke 1:41.)

One day, there is a flutter of movement. Then, a stirring occurs within our spirit, and we recognize that we are carriers of a promise. It is within us, and we are changing. Our ability expands to receive and nurture the promise. Our responsibility has increased. We are not eating and drinking the Word for ourselves alone but to nourish the word of God we carry. It is no longer a future promise to hope for; it has become alive in us.

As the word grows within us, our very being expands that it is uncomfortable to carry. Will we ever give birth? We become more protective, covering our spirits in the hopes of holding safe what God has entrusted to our care. People look at us differently; with judgment or blessing, it matters not. A living, breathing word is about to be birthed in us. We begin to prepare a place for it in our lives. Who will play the part of the midwife? Who will help us rear the word to maturity? And the ever-pervasive thought, "Am I worthy of this assignment? What if God entrusted the wrong person and I do it wrong?"

The time between these periods for a word is not as cut and dry as for a baby. Sometimes it takes so long. We don't even recognize when the first season has transitioned to the second. But there is something beautiful God has placed within you, my friend. Something worth the wait and the preparation. It is something He has spent an eternity waiting and planning for, bringing this moment to fruition, preceded by countless words to those who have gone before. It is purposeful, it is magnificent, it is eternal, and it is in you.

Do not allow the enemy to convince you to abort the word of God before it is fulfilled. Many have been given precious promises – the very thoughts of God toward you, held for a specific time and place of His choosing. Don't despair. God watches over His word to perform it (Jer. 1:12). Can you see it? Feel it fluttering within you? Dear friend, God is good! Every word must grow within you before it is manifested without you. Live each day with expectation, knowing we serve a God who, as the angel told Mary, can do the impossible! (Luke 1:37).

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