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  • Renée Coventry

Truth is Springing Forth

Am I not a just God who observes all the ways of man? I am causing Truth to break forth from the ground, creating great fissures in the lies that have been believed and taught. I am causing a spiritual rumbling that is shaking both My church and the world. Despite the enemy’s attempts to hide and conceal it, truth will not be silent, but will speak. I have given it a voice to declare My ways and My works, and many eyes will be opened to the deception they previously succumbed to, creating shock waves across the globe. The lies that were built upon will crumble causing many to scatter, but My Word of Truth will stand firmly as a beacon in the darkness, and people will once again seek and find Me. The truth will also break up the dry and fallow ground, making way for a harvest to emerge behind it. My Word is Truth and will accomplish this glorious thing, and those who embrace it will be saved.

Ps. 85:8-11, “I am listening. What will God, ADONAI, say? For He will speak peace to His people, to His holy ones – but only if they don’t relapse into folly. His salvation is near for those who fear Him, so that glory will be in our land. Grace and truth have met together; justice and peace have kissed each other. Truth springs up from the earth, and justice looks down from heaven.” CJB

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