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  • Renée Coventry

When Your Child is in the Pit: Prophetic Destinies, Pt. 17

Genesis 37 reveals that Jacob "lived in the land where his father had stayed" (vs. 1). In other words, he refused to go into cultural demise but clung to what he knew to be true. Jacob didn't deviate from what He had been taught, but in contrast, after doing things on his own, he returned to it. It is here in Canaan that Jacob's preference for Joseph becomes apparent to his brothers. So, let's examine Joseph's life regarding his prophetic destiny.

We are told that Joseph's brothers hated him for the favor Jacob bestowed on him. So much so that they couldn't even speak civilly to him (vs. 4). You see, Joseph was a dreamer, but his problem was he always felt the need to share them with everyone else. Even his father, Jacob, would question him, even while keeping the matter "in mind" (vs. 10-11). Jacob holding Joseph's dreams in his mind sounds similar to what we are told of Mary, that she kept the circumstances of Jesus' birth in her heart and pondered them (Luke 2:19). As parents, we are caretakers of our child's dreams. We dare not despise them, for who knows, but God placed them there. As wise stewards, we need to hold them close to our hearts and train our children in the way in which they should go (Prov. 22:6).

As life unfolds in Jacob's household, he sends Joseph to check in on his brothers. We are told that as soon as they saw him coming, they had plotted to kill him, saying, "Here comes that dreamer!" Now, as you release your children (something Walter and I are doing even as I write), know for a fact that the enemy will use any and all resources to stand against what the Lord placed in their hearts from the foundation of the universe (vs. 18-19). In this case, it was Joseph's brothers. The enemy desires to sabotage and hijack their destinies, even if it means taking them out. This is why we experience such a cultural battle for our kids regarding identity – gender and otherwise. If the enemy can keep them confused about what is so apparent biologically, he can prevent them from stepping into their God-given destiny. Parents, it's time to wake up and go to battle!

It is at this moment that we see Joseph's life dramatically alter. He goes from a favored son clothed in the rainbow's colors to a pit both barren and dry. He is alone. And isn't that how most predators work, separating the prey from the herd? Why are there so many "causes" that young people feel their parents don't understand; so many cults that bring them out of the protective covering of a godly home; so many life circumstances cause them to walk away from biblical teaching? The enemy is separating his prey. We can question whether it was wisdom for Jacob to send Joseph into this situation to begin with, knowing that his brothers hated him so, but it happened, and now the consequences must be dealt with, even as we become aware of our ignorance and culpability in where our children are today.

Joseph's brothers, though, have a change of heart. Rather than murdering him outright, they decide to use him for their gain. This is traditionally the mistake the enemy makes. He always wants more for himself. That's what self always wants – more. So rather than kill him, they sell him to Ishmaelites, distant cousins, for their gain, and we see Joseph transition from a rocky place of isolation to an idolatrous place in Egypt. When people have emotionally beaten us up, people we should have been able to trust, and are in isolation, we can swiftly end up in an idolatrous position. Now, I know God had a plan for Joseph in Egypt, but the principle is the same. Isolation can lead us down a slippery slope to idolatry because we don't know how to get ourselves out of a situation others maliciously placed us. Friends, we must be so careful when we are put into such holes. God is always able to make a way for us. He is a God who specializes in pit removal! When you feel that you or a family member has been buried alive by the enemy, trust God! The enemy is powerless against the God of the Universe. Pray, seek godly counsel, pray some more!

We also see that Jacob's sons have now deceptively robbed their father of a beloved son, sending Jacob into mourning that the men had not previously anticipated. And while his father is weeping, Joseph is being enslaved by a new master, and neither Jacob nor Joseph realizing God is setting the stage not only for a beautiful reunion but a spectacular deliverance!

Dear one, if your child is enslaved to sin or entrapped by the enemy, be confident that God is at work. You may be unaware. You may feel sick with grief over what the enemy has stolen in both your relationship with your child and their destiny. In this time, you need to access all the things you held in your heart from the time they were children and start reviewing them before the Lord. It's time to speak prophetically into your children's lives the plans and purposes of God for them. Don't allow the enemy to rob you of your voice, as well. Speak, and refuse to remain silent until the gates of hell tremble and quake at the sound of your voice echoing the heart of Father God, and release them, recognizing this is a battle it can't win! God has not abandoned your child, and He has not left you!

Let's Pray:

Father, today I lift my child(ren) before You. Somehow, Lord, the enemy found a foothold and is using it to his greatest advantage. However, I trust You. I trust that You see and know and have my child's best interest at heart and that You are at work to bring about a mighty deliverance and reunion first with You and then with me. Give me Your wisdom as I pray and speak with them. Sometimes it seems impossible. Forgive me for the times I've doubted You and tried to take Your place and "fix" it. Let my life reflect Your joy and peace to them so that they will be provoked to jealousy and return to You, Lord. Help me lay them on the altar and leave them there, knowing You are a God of resurrection and restoration. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Now Declare:

My child is loved by the Lord and seen by Him. I decree that every jot and tittle of the plans and purposes God has ordained for __________________ will come to pass. Every day my child is being wooed closer and closer to the Lord by the Holy Spirit of God to bring ________________ to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Spirit of God is moving, creating divine appointments that will restore them to a relationship with their heavenly Father. I refuse to compromise my witness for the Lord but stand a shining light before my child for the glory of God!

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