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  • Renée Coventry

Would You Prophesy?

Would you prophesy? Yes, I have called My people to declare forth My Word into the world and into their circumstances. If you would prophesy, then know My Word and come into agreement with it. Prophecy, My Child, is linked to confession. When you confess anything other than My Word, your vision is blocked, and you’re unable to see from My perspective. Without proper vision, there is no revelation and understanding, and therefore, no life. My Word is greater than My reputation. As I stand by My reputation, so I will honor My Word. My Word spoke and brought forth all of creation! Begin to confess and testify, My Child, for the spirit of prophecy begins with the testimony of Christ. Speak what I am speaking, and you will begin to see the miraculous. My Word is life.

John 6:63, “It is the Spirit who gives life, the flesh is no help. The words I have spoken to you are Spirit and life.” CJB, Ps. 135:15-18, Ps. 138:2, Prov. 29:18, Rev. 19:10

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