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  • Renée Coventry

My Word

It is only according to My Word that it will be unto you. Recognize My Child, that I do not answer that which does not align with My Word. It is pure, perfect, and always has your best interests at heart. My promises agree with My Word, I guide you with My Word, and I only give life according to My Word. Observe and put your hope in it, for it is firmly established in heaven, unshakeable. Those who embrace it will not be moved! With My Word I purify and refine, and to reject it is to refuse My work in your life. My Word is truth and will not leave you hanging, but will be successful in all that I have sent it to do in your life. Hold fast to it, My Child; My Word is life!

Ps. 119:160, “The main thing about Your Word is that it’s true; and all your just rulings last forever.” CJB

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