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  • Renée Coventry

Praying for Your Family

Several weeks ago, the Lord laid it on my heart that the church needed to be interceding for its children. Within four weeks of warning me about this, two of our boys were nearly killed in different incidents, we had outbursts of anger in our homes, and a brief stint with fear. The verse He showed me was Jeremiah 9:21:

“For death has come up into our windows, and is entered into our palaces,

To cut off the children from without,

And the young men from the streets.”

Death has come through our windows. Interestingly, this reference to death has the connotation of the personality of death. It is a spiritual entity that is preying on our children, and it has snuck in through places that we left open in the fortresses and citadels of our homes and churches. Where have we given the enemy access? Children being cut off also has the connotation of being severed from the covenant, while the young men are being prevented from entering a wide-open place. The wide-open place throughout Scripture is a place of rescue. Death's goal is to keep our children from the covenant with God, their families, and church and put them in areas where they become desperate and cannot be rescued.

Psalm 78 speaks of the great necessity and role of parents, guardians, and people to discourse with the children and young people about the things they have heard, known, and what has been told to them about the works and personality of God. We are not to hide them, but sing the praises of the LORD, His strength, and His wonderful works. Why? Because God established it as a testimony and law. We are OBLIGATED to this. We do this that future generations may know them. This Hebrew word is "yada," meaning to have experiential knowledge and wisdom of them. There are four reasons why we are required to do this:

1. So they WILL learn to set their hope in God;

2. So they WILL NOT forget the works of God;

3. So they WILL keep His commandments;

4. So they WILL NOT BE like their fathers, who are a stubborn and rebellious generation, whose hearts are not set aright and spirit was not steadfast.

a. Ps. 78:10-11, vs. 32, vs. 37: They were not covenant keepers.

Why? Ps. 127:3 states that children are God’s heritage. We are meant to steward them and protect them. So we ask that every church and follower of Christ intercede for our children, from newborns to our college-age kids.

Prayer Points for Your Family & Children

1. Repent of any open doors you have allowed open into your home. Movies, books, technology - anything ungodly that has had entry to your home, especially in the lock-downs that have prevented the free movement of the Holy Spirit in your home. I Chron. 7:14

2. Thank the Lord that He has already defeated the spirit of death and that death has no place in your home or in the lives of your children. Declare that Christ alone has the keys over death and the grave, and your family is under the blood and authority of Christ. Rev. 1:18

3. Declare that you are a family of covenant-keepers! Josh. 24:15b

4. Declare that your family has a future and a hope because you are a family of God-seekers. He hears and answers you! Jer. 29:11- 13

5. Declare that Jesus became a curse for you, so you do not receive any curses unto your family, but only accept the promises of the Spirit and the blessings of Abraham. Gal. 3:13-14

6. Declare that your children know the Holy Scriptures that can make them wise to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Also, because they know the Word, they know who to trust and discern between the godly teacher and the ungodly. 2 Tim. 3:14-15

7. Declare that your family does not have a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind. 2 Tim. 1:7

8. Declare that the Lord is bringing your family and children out into a wide-open place; that He has delivered you because He delights in you. Ps. 18:19

9. Declare that the Lord has written His law on the hearts of your family; that He will be your God, and you, His people. Declare your family knows the LORD. Jer. 31:33

10. Thank the Lord that your children have ready access to Him and that their angels stand before God to rush on their behalf. Luke 18:16-17, Matt. 18:10

11. Ask the Lord to grant you wisdom in all your dealings with your children and that the fruit of the Spirit will be made manifest to them through your life. Prov. 3:6, Gal. 5:22-23

12. Ask the Spirit of God to help you not provoke your children. Eph. 6:4

13. Thank the Lord that all of their days are written in His book. Pray that not one jot or tittle of the words written in their book will fall to the ground, but that every one would be fulfilled. Ps. 139:16

14. Declare that only the thoughts of God would permeate their minds. Declare that the lies of the enemy will fall and not alight. Ps. 139:17

15. Declare that your entire family are more than conquerors through Christ who loved you and gave His life for you! Rom. 8:37

Practical Ideas to Help You Protect Your Children:

Ø Constantly reaffirm God's love and plan for their lives while visibly expressing it to them through hugs, kisses, and encouragement.

Ø Get them OUTSIDE.

Ø Make sure the last things they’re hearing at night are God’s thoughts and works. We are currently reading stories of different missionaries and how God used them and the miracles God wrought on their behalf. It will boost their faith to hear of God’s works, and you will be following Ps. 78 Scripture.

Ø Don’t allow them to continually retreat into their rooms. Get them out and playing games. Give them something to conquer – even if it’s you!

Ø Have them share a testimony of something good from that day or something for which they are grateful.

Ø Make sure you are making yourself accessible to them in every way for every care and concern.

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