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  • Renée Coventry

"Stir Up Your Gifts"

The Lord says, "Stir up the gifts; stir up the gifts I gave you. Many of you laid aside your gifts because of the pain you suffered at the hands of those who loved your gift more than they loved you. Many of you extinguished your gift because others did not understand how your gifting operated through you. Many of you have neglected your gift, thinking another's seemed more glamorous or desirable. Some of you have hidden your gift, fearing how the Body would receive it. Even those that misused your gifts and I had to discipline, I say, stir up your gifts. The time you felt was for punishment was a time of refinement to teach you a better way. I say I gave you that gift for the common good, so stir it up. If you ask Me, I will reignite in you what you had thought was lost due to misuse.

If once again, you will seek My face, I will not only reignite the gift, but I will also increase your effectiveness. I am calling forth a people who will walk and operate as One Body in the power of My Spirit, allowing room for one another's giftings to operate. Stir it up, says the Lord, for I am doing a new thing and calling all hands on deck! You can participate, or you can stand by and watch, but know that I have called you and given gifts to you so that you may actively participate with Me as I pour out My Spirit on all. Stir up your gifts! If you obey, I will open up the windows of heaven, and I will orchestrate a symphony such as the world has never heard.

Stir up your gifts! This time you will not be subject to man's opinions because I alone am directing this new thing, and I alone will tell you when to move, when to stay, when to speak, and when to listen. In holiness, you will act according to what you see Me doing and speak according to what you hear Me saying. I will refine your gift through the fire, and it will be a holy vessel operating through you, a holy priest, and be offered through you, a living sacrifice to Me, sacred for My use alone in what I have called you to do.

Stir up your gifts, no matter your age, and be watchful, prayerful, and courageous. Do not fear, for I, the Lord, go before you. I am the God who parts the sea, opens doors no man can shut, provides manna from heaven, and calls forth water in the wilderness. I am God, and I am calling you to take your place alongside those who have been faithfully operating in what I've called them. For these faithful, continue in what you have been doing, knowing there is rest for the weary and a resurgence of power coming if you call on My Name. Have I not said, and will I not do it? I will train your hands for battle and your fingers for war. Thus far, you have been running with men on foot, but I would have you empowered to run with the horses. Be encouraged; My Spirit is with you. You young, despise not your youth but step out operating in the fullness of your gift. Step out and be an example to the believers. You are able because My Spirit has enabled you for such a time as this.

I would have a Bride that is whole and wholely operational, actively and accurately representing Me to the world. Stir up your gifts; stir up your gifts, says the Lord."

Scriptures to Meditate on: I Cor. 11-13, I Tim. 4:6-16, Jer. 12:5, Ps. 144:1

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