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  • Renée Coventry

The Hug of God

Heb. 3:1, “Therefore, brothers whom God has set apart, who share in the call from heaven, think carefully about Yeshua, whom we acknowledge publicly as God’s emissary and high priest” (CJB).

Many translate this as “consider” Christ. It doesn’t say to think about His miracles, His provision, or His doings in our life, but to think about Him. To set our minds on the beauty of His smile, the tender ache of His tears, the authority of His person, the power of His word as THE WORD, within whom we have our very being, is to seek to understand Him. This is all in the context of Jesus being sent to us, as our apostle and the One who makes intercession for us, to whom all is subject.

He is not far off; THE WORD is right now speaking His creative word over you and me, giving definition and meaning to our lives. When we gaze at His Person – the God of the Universe, and Man, who empathizes with our weaknesses – we see the things of this world “grow strangely dim.” It is in looking upon Him that we glimpse into His heart and are transformed by His love. He has done and will continue to do so much for others and us, and yet many will walk away without even acknowledging His gift. BUT for those of us who will take the time to look upon Him, we enter into a new dimension of relationship with Him that transcends what we could ever attain by simply knowing His acts. It is ascending the holy hill of God and embracing Him. In doing so, we come to understand His ways. We enter into a greater reality beyond what we can see with our eyes. We step into the realm of faith, into the arms of God in whose hold we are made whole and complete. I call it the hug of God. In this place where we hear His heartbeat, we begin to relate Heart to heart, Spirit to spirit, and Life to life, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that come what may, nothing can separate us from the love of God. We enter into rest.

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